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Building a Performance Culture

Moving from Performance Management
to a Performance Culture

  • Measuring performance retrospectively does not change performance
  • We don’t measure what matters. Goals are defined in documents without context and clear measures.
  • Individual goals and current organisational objectives are not aligned. 
  • Most organisations are fixed on measuring lag measures
  • Lack of visibility of goals – goal achievement is a surprise
  • Performance Management is laborious, complicated and an annual or bi-annual event
  • View how well your teams work
  • Develop your employees so that they have a sense of purpose and direction
  • Ensure that employees know how to change their behavior to become achievers
  • Visualise progress and direction
  • Drive strategy
  • See where help and coaching are required
  • Provide continuous feedback on achievements
  • Performance coaching
  • Remedial action
  • Scheduling sessions with individuals and teams to discuss progress
  • Recording actions needed to achieve goals
  • Alignment of individual goals to the organisational strategy
  • Definition and measurement of quantitative and qualitative goals
  • Indicators of performance – tracking and measuring
  • Performance dashboards to view progress
  • Simplifying and automating the process of engagement
  • Introducing performance dialogues into management meetings

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