Total Reward Statements

Total Reward Statements

The intangible and non-cash items that do not appear on pay slips can be a real differentiator in what you offer your employees. A Total Reward Statement accurately details and quantifies (in monetary terms) the full value of an employee’s package, including all benefits, both cash and non-cash.


  • Accurately quantify the value of your full Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Employees immediately understand the true value of everything that your organisation offers them
  • Non-cash reward elements are quantified
  • A true total reward comparison can be made
  • Enhance employee education opportunities regarding their benefits

A Total Reward Statement is a very tangible way to:

  • View your full Total Reward offering in money terms
  • Demonstrate your Employee Value Proposition
  • Enhance the sense of pride your employees have in working at your organisation
  • Highlight the flexibility and choices of your reward offering
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