Organisational Culture Practices

Uncover the latest trends and best practices in organisational culture, work model practices, wellness, diversity, equity, inclusion, and the integration of Millennials and Gen Z into the workforce.

Friday, 3 May

The report will be published at
the end of May.

Recent research underscores the pivotal role of organisational culture in driving employee satisfaction and retention, with a strong culture increasing revenue by up to 4x.

Yet, navigating the complexities of remote work, digital transformation, and generational shifts presents new challenges and opportunities for leaders across industries.

Benchmark your practices against the industry

By participating in this survey, you will contribute to a comprehensive trends report that not only highlights innovative practices and benchmarks across sectors but also offers actionable insights into enhancing your organisation’s culture and productivity.

Your input will enable us to compile a detailed overview of how companies in South Africa and beyond are adapting to these shifts, helping you to benchmark your practices against the industry’s best.

Survey Report

The final report will serve as a valuable resource for identifying areas of strength, pinpointing opportunities for improvement, and guiding strategic decision-making to navigate the future of work.

The survey report will feature analysis of :

  • The impact of various work models on organisational culture and productivity.

  • The benefits and challenges of integrating younger generations into your workforce, offering fresh perspectives on leadership, innovation, and digital literacy.

  • The effectiveness of wellness and mental health initiatives, including the return on investment from Employee Assistance Programs.

To participate in the survey, please fill in the form below, and we will send you a customised link.

Survey Cost

The cost (excluding VAT) to participate and receive a report of the findings:

R9 600.00



Our business rests on commitment to confidentiality of data. Thus under no circumstances would any individual information or any company-specific information be disclosed to any other participant.

Data Integrity

Over many years, we have collected local HR data from thousands of Southern African organisations. We are proud of the quality of our data, and the integrity and security of our database. Our data analysts are specialists in their fields, and collectively they have backgrounds in economics, business, econometrics, finance and statistics.

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