The Gender Pay Gap

The International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA) and WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH), ‘The Joint Partners’, supported by the JSE and sponsored by Anglo American SA, are undertaking research on the Gender Pay Gap, aimed at unearthing information that will close these gaps, bringing evidence that will enable them to influence policy and industry.

In conjunction with 21st Century, the Joint Partners are conducting an anonymous survey, across South African organisations, to identify key areas and issues around the Gender Pay Gap.

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The Joint Partners

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” The responsibility of addressing inequality – and the resultant pay gaps – is not limited to a specific few, but is rather the collective responsibility of leadership, and is applicable to all types of organisations, regardless of form or statute.”

The Joint Partners

The Joint Partners, the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA) and WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH), have years of experience, and a track record of:

  • Driving change and advancing women, both in business and society at large.
  • Activism and success in influencing and transforming businesses,
  • Studying and understanding international standards and mechanisms,
  • Utilizing a variety of advocacy tools in their pursuit of economic advancement for women.

Supporters and Sponsors

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Supporters and Sponsors

The Catalytic Strategy Project, is supported by the JSE and sponsored by Anglo American SA. These are both organisations that:

  • Embrace diversity as a driving force,
  • Believe that empowering women in the workforce not only benefits individuals, but also enhances overall company performance and societal progress,
  • Leverage their influence to inspire change on a broader scale, beyond their organisations,
  • Actively collaborate with like-minded partners, industry peers, and policymakers to drive gender equality initiatives,
  • Advocate for gender parity, participate in research, support advocacy, and champion the implementation of fair labour practices.

The Catalytic Strategy Project

Addressing the critical issue of Women’s Economic Justice in South African by eliminating the Gender Pay Gap through strengthened legislation, monitoring and enforcement.

Catalytic Strategy Project aims

The International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA) and the WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH) (‘Joint Partners’) established a joint project in 2019 called the Catalytic Strategy, that aims to identify effective mechanisms for facilitating access to research around the critical issues of women’s economic justice, leveraging this information to:

  • Shape South African policy,
  • Influence debate ,
  • Drive industry and policy change.

What are the challenges?

Past research in the Legislation Review (undertaken together with Webber Wenzel Law) found that some of the challenges that perpetuate the Gender Pay Gap are:

  • A lack of consistent information about:
    • the measurement of the Gender Pay Gap,
    • causal factors,
    • the extent of the Gender Pay Gap beyond the workplace.
  • Legislation that seeks to eliminate the Gender Pay Gap is limited in:
    • scope,
    • relevance,
    • impact,
    • enforceability.

Your contribution to the research

By participating in this survey, you will:

  • Provide invaluable data and insights that will serve as the bedrock for evidence-based solutions and the future determination of appropriate mechanisms within:
    • The South African legislature ,
    • Organisational best practices.
  • Provide information that can help close the gender pay gap, leading to a more equitable distribution of resources, thereby strengthening the overall economy of our country.
  • Be contributing to a collective effort to improve the economic justice of women.


Participation is voluntary, and participants will each receive a FREE copy of the final survey report in September 2023. Please fill in the form below and we will send you a customised link to the survey.

The deadline for participation in the survey is 14th August 2023.



Our business rests on commitment to confidentiality of data. Thus under no circumstances would any individual information or any company-specific information be disclosed to any other participant.

Data Integrity

Over many years, we have collected local HR data from thousands of Southern African organisations. We are proud of the quality of our data, and the integrity and security of our database. Our data analysts are specialists in their fields, and collectively they have backgrounds in economics, business, econometrics, finance and statistics.

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