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Contingent Workforce

The COVID pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways. The growth in the contingent workforce is a notable addition to the employment landscape, with more organisations hiring people for a fixed period of time, or on a project basis.

Join our survey for employers as we explore the growth in this workforce category.

Friday 27 May


Benefits of participating
in the Survey

Current, valid survey results are an invaluable tool when making important remuneration decisions during the course of the year, and can help your organisation validate remuneration decisions and comply with Employment Equity legislation (“Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value” – tabled in the Employment Equity Act which came into effect on 1 August 2014).

What information will the
report contain?

The report will contain information on:

  • Which job families have the highest prevalence of contingent workers,
  • Contingent workers as a percentage of workforce: has there been an increase?
  • Typical length of assignments,
  • Nature of the contracts: –
    • directly with the contingent worker, or through a supplier arrangement;
    • hourly / monthly / project rate structure
  • Rates of different categories of contingent workers.





Our business rests on commitment to confidentiality of data. Thus under no circumstances would any individual information or any company-specific information be disclosed to any other participant.

Data Integrity

Over many years, we have collected local HR data from thousands of Southern African organisations. We are proud of the quality of our data, and the integrity and security of our database. Our data analysts are specialists in their fields, and collectively they have backgrounds in economics, business, econometrics, finance and statistics.

Cost to Participate

Participation in the survey is FREE.

Reports will be mailed to all participants in the middle of June.

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