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Is your organisation considering the demands of the New World of Work?

To be competitive and customer responsive in the rapidly evolving new World of Work, organisations need to be flexible, collaborative and clearly focused on an inspiring vision and cause. This requires:

  • clear leadership

  • self-managing teams

  • engaged and committed employees

  • continuous responsiveness to customer needs and

  • an organisation architecture characterised by trust, stakeholder alignment and creative innovation


In order to retain market share and remain successful, organisations will need to review and develop new approaches to leadership and adaptive work processes. New ways of working will need to evolve to embrace this climate of rapid change and challenge in a volatile and uncertain business environment.

How will our organisation benefit from the Survey?

You responses will be collated and you will receive an invitation to a no-obligation ‘Coffee and Conversation’ meeting (Provisional date: 16th July), where the summarised results will be presented for discussion. We will also be discussing what organisations need to do to create the appropriate level of readiness. This will include an overview of the 5 Principles, 15 Pillars and 100+ Evolving Work Practices including:

  • Improving individual, team and organisational trust
  • Establishing alternative controls which enhance collaboration and autonomy
  • Enhancing self-management and ownership of performance
  • Establishing extreme stakeholder alignment in support of a common outcome
  • Enhancing creative innovation in support of continuous improvement

How do I go about completing the Survey?

Fill out the form below, and we will send you a link (personalised for your organisation) to the online mini Organisation Readiness Survey, which is comprised of 15 questions.

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