Surveys & Benchmarking

21st Century has a variety of benchmarking options to suit your specific remuneration needs. No organisation is too big or too small. We will always do our best to find a solution that suits your needs and budget.

National Salary Survey

RewardOnline (our live, audited, web based national survey)

In-house Benchmarking:

Individual benchmarks

Niche Surveys:

Industry (shared cost) surveys and customised (tailor made) surveys for clients who may want a more niche set of results, either considering a unique set of jobs or a unique industry view

The value of a Salary Survey

internal and external equity

Company strategy and company performance are driven by individuals.

Good HR and Remuneration structures and practices – founded on accurate, reliable benchmarks, will engage individuals – encouraging performance that will drive your strategy. Defensible benchmarks will also ensure that you are in a position to meet all governance requirements.

Audited salary survey data paints a true picture of what’s currently happening in the remuneration environment.
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value
The Employment Equity Act section 6, Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value, legislates that equal work (or work of similar or equal value) must now be remunerated equally …. or differentiated fairly. All policies and conditions of employment need to be scrutinised to ensure that they comply with the legislation. A survey will give you access to market data so that you can accurately benchmark the remuneration for the same/similar/equal value jobs against that of other companies/entities/organisations. It is the cornerstone of building your own unique pay scale.
A third party adds credibility to the survey. Information is more easily obtained from targeted companies when an independent party collects data.
  • Who are my comparators, for both general skills and those that are critical to the survival of my organisation?
  • Am I being offered a comprehensive overview of both fixed and variable remuneration?
  • What are the benefit practices of leading organisations in the market?
  • What are the latest trends?
  • Is there a robust sample of participants?

What type of Salary Survey should we be using?

Where do you lose your key resources to? Where do you recruit your key resources from?

The answers to these two questions will generally define which markets and/or groups your organisation will compare itself against. The market may be different for different jobs. Thus, the type of survey used will depend on the appropriate choice of comparator groups.

Do you lose your key resources to (or recruit them from) a defined industry or sec