Managing Grievances
in the Workplace


2-day course (in-house)

Employees may have concerns, complaints, dissatisfaction or a feeling of injustice related to workplace relationships or the work environment. All of these issues need to be addressed by management.

This course ensures that you will have the knowledge to deal with the grievance process in a manner that is acceptable to both the employee and the employer, and that you will understand the hierarchical structure for presenting and settling workplace disputes.

Who should attend this course?

Line Managers

HR Professionals

Are there any prerequisites for attending this course?

There are no prerequisites for attending this course

Course Content and Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course the delegate should understand:

  • Definition of a grievance
  • Purpose of a grievance procedure
  • When a complaint is considered a formal grievance or misconduct
  • When to mediate and when to initiate a formal investigation
  • Basic principles to consider when resolving grievances
  • Rights of an aggrieved employee
  • Steps to resolve a grievance
  • Ensure better workplace relations
  • Initiation Flowchart Procedure for managing a grievance

In-house Rate

for between 5 and 10 delegates*,
a flat daily rate

R 18 500.00


+ a daily fee for each additional delegate of

R 1 600.00


We can tailor-make this course, or customise any
combination of courses to suit your organisation’s needs. 


If you would like to run this course in-house at your company,
please contact us and will will get back to you ASAP. 


*  Please note that we need a minimum of 5 delegates in order to run this course.

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