Module 5: Creative Innovation

2 day in-house course





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Creative innovation is built on an entrepreneurial culture and is defined as the balance of having a creative space and continuously experimenting and learning to generate innovative results. By nature, organisations are set up to prevent failure and to create predictability and repetition. So often the missing links that are needed are creativity and innovation.

Trust, alternative controls, self-management and extreme stakeholder alignment (covered in modules 1-4) create the basis for creative innovation to flourish.

Who should attend this course?

All individuals in an organisation.

Are there any prerequisites for attending this course?

Delegates must have completed modules 1 and 3 and ideally modules 2 and 4 before attending module 5.


“Creativity is a distinctive trait of human excellence in all domains of behaviour. Outstanding creative achievement involves being different, testing known limits, attempting difficult jobs, making honest mistakes and responding to challenge.”


– Ellis Paul Torrance – Father of Modern Creativity


Course Content and Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course the delegate should understand:

  • What creative innovation is
  • The definitions of creativity, invention and innovation
  • The advantages of creative innovation
  • Creative process tools
  • The challenges of boosting creative innovation
  • The three principles of creativity that encourage creative innovation
    • Continuous experimentation
    • Creative space
    • Entrepreneurship
  • A range of practices of varying difficulty which can be implemented in an organisation to introduce and enhance creative innovation.


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