Module 4: Extreme Stakeholder Alignment

2 day in-house course





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Stakeholder alignment is the very glue of your effort to create purpose and improve results. Even with small, multi-functional teams, alignment between process, project and customer teams and internal and external stakeholders continues to be a challenging issue. It is crucial that work is aligned with other work activities and with the customer and other stakeholders, and that all people involved have a say in decisions that concern them.

Extreme stakeholder alignment is about organising with and around the client, entering into deep collaboration with internal and external entrepreneurs and creating a seamless and smooth alignment between all of these groups.

Who should attend this course?

Managers and Executives.

Are there any prerequisites for attending this course?

Delegates must have completed modules 1-3 before attending module 4.


“Building a visionary company requires 1% vision and 99% alignment. When you have superb alignment a visitor could drop in from outer space and infer your vision from the operations and activities of the company… creating alignment may be your most important work. “

– James C. Collins


Course Content and Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course the delegate should understand:

  • What extreme stakeholder alignment is
  • An assessment of the level of extreme stakeholder alignment in the delegate’s organisation
  • The use of alignment
  • Why alignment matters
  • How to achieve connection and alignment
  • Alignment agreements
  • The characteristics of extreme alignment
  • The change in approach needed to achieve extreme stakeholder alignment
  • The difference between culture and climate
  • The 3 principles of extreme stakeholder alignment
    • Assure consistency – doing what you say you’ll do
    • Finding common ground and its effect on strategic planning
    • An outside-in perspective


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In-house Rate

for between 5 and 10 delegates*,
a flat daily rate

R 18 500.00


+ a daily fee for each additional delegate of

R 1 600.00


We can tailor-make this course, or customise any
combination of courses to suit your organisation’s needs. 


If you would like to run this course in-house at your company,
please contact us and will will get back to you ASAP. 


*  Please note that we need a minimum of 5 delegates in order to run this course.