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Sustainable Organisational Effectiveness

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Customised In-house Training Package

The long-term success of a strategy is reliant on the ability of the implementing agents to communicate, mobilise and effectively engage all critical stakeholders.

The Sustainable Organisational Effectiveness Training package offers managers the knowledge, skills, and attributes to ensure high productivity and a healthy environment or workplace.

Why this combination of courses?

The Sustainable Organisational Effectiveness Training Package consists of four separate training courses, listed below, that will help the managers to drive productivity in your organisation by further developing their leadership, communication and motivational skills.

Companies with a competitive advantage are more successful at driving employee productivity, and the link between engagement and productivity has become so strong that companies are investing in interventions that strengthen this link.


Sustainable Organisational Effectiveness training offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved productivity through strategic organisational principles,
  • Employee engagement, communication, adaptability, and retention.
  • Enhanced leadership skills that will help drive long-term organisational performance,
  • Long-term cost savings for the organisation.

Trainers & Facilitators

These trainings are facilitated by specialists in their respective fields who are actively engaged in consulting, and are well informed of the latest trends and success factors.


As the courses will be run in-house, the timing of the sessions will be co-agreed and run at your convenience.

Standard In-house Package Cost

The standard in-house Training Package offers substantial discounts on our normal in-house rates, with savings of up to 30%.

The cost for all four training courses
(max 15 delegates):

R118 800.00 ex VAT

Customised In-house Package

Please note that this package is customisable, upon request, and any customisations requested by your organisation would be taken into account when finalising the cost.

All the courses listed below can also be run individually, if needed.

Sustainable Organisational Effectiveness Package – Training Courses

Organisational Development for HR

Organisational Development Essentials for HR


Understand how to create organisations that are humane, democratic and empowering … at the same time as being high performing in terms of productivity, quality of output, profitability, and growth.

At the conclusion of this course the delegate should understand:

  • What Organisational Development is,
  • The benefits of Organisational Development during Change/Transformation,
  • The relationship between HR and ODev,
  • The best ODev implementation case studies and tools,
  • Current global ODev Trends groups, in terms of what they spend their income on.
Change Management & Change Agents Training

Change Management & Change Agents Training


Learn how to maximise your organisation’s ability to successfully navigate any internal and external change by building internal change management capability and capacity; ensure your people are involved in – and committed to – the change process; and align the people, processes and structures with the vision and business strategy of your organisation.

At the conclusion of this course the delegate should understand:

  • Change Management BASICS:
    • What Change Management is,
    • The formula for Change Management.
  • Why Change Management should play a pivotal role in a PROJECT ENVIRONMENT:
    • Two types of change,
    • People’s reactions to change,
    • Benefits of Change Management,
    • Implications of not tackling Change Management,
  • The PROCESS of change:
    • Reactions to change that is seen to be positive,
    • Reactions to change that is seen to be negative,
    • Overcoming resistance to change,
    • Theory and practice.
  • Change AGENTS:
    • Roles and responsibilities of a Change Agent,
    • Formulating a Change Agent network,
  • Change Management METHODOLOGY:
    • Stakeholder Management,
    • Communications,
    • Change Readiness,
    • Culture,
    • Training,
    • local and international case studies
Stakeholder Management training course

Stakeholder Management & Engagement


Learn how to identify, analyse, manage and engage stakeholders linked to and affected by your organisation.

The course outlines the principles and processes involved in the management and engagement of stakeholders, as well as how to use tools for effective planning and assessment.

At the conclusion of this course the delegate should understand:

  • How to define the different types of stakeholders;
  • How to define the process to manage and engage stakeholders:
    • Define and categorise stakeholders;
    • Conduct stakeholder research and analysis;
    • Develop stakeholder assessment;
    • Develop stakeholder strategy & alignment plan;
  • Stakeholder management principles;
  • Communications and effective engagement;
  • How to use the following tools:
    • Stakeholder assessment tool;
    • Stakeholder matrix template (Identification, Analysis, Alignment and Tracking);
    • Stakeholder alignment plan;
    • Sample communication plan;
    • Communications & engagement effectiveness survey;
    • Assessment tool for communication & engagement media;
Sustainable Employee Engagement and Culture

Sustainable Employee Engagement and Culture


This course will assist you in engaging your workforce and understanding the key drivers of building a happy, thriving culture. You will learn the best practice principles of culture and engagement strategy design, and will be challenged in a practical way to convert “best practice” into “best fit” for your organisation.

At the conclusion of this course the delegate should understand:


  • Construct a definition of Employee Engagement,

  • Understand culture in general and organisational culture,
  • Understand human nature elements that enable engagement,
  • Understand and analyse employee expectations,
  • Understand the Employee Engagement drivers,
  • Understand the Employee Engagement process,
  • Understand the elements of a Employee Value Proposition (EVP),
  • Plan and implement the elements of Organisational Culture and Employee Engagement,
  • Construct a simplified and sustainable Engagement process.


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