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1 day session + 2 day session at a later date

This course will help managers and leaders to work with, understand and lead the behaviors and hearts of their people, steering them towards the organisation’s strategies and achieving its business and human resource objectives

Who is this course aimed at?

This in-house course is aimed specifically at team leaders, supervisors and managers leading and managing people within your organisation.

Course content and outcomes:

At the conclusion of this course the delegate should be able to:

  • Lead and manage yourself to be an invaluable asset for the organisation you are a part of;
  • Understand your own emotions and their effects on others as well as the ability to recognise and deal with your emotions in a healthy and productive manner;
  • Understand different personalities, individual talents and the way we uniquely respond to people and tasks;
  • Understand the elements of a high performing team and being equipped to lead others;
  • Understand the elements that make a person (from anywhere in the organisation) someone of great influence;
  • Understand organisational leadership – the different relationships within the organisation, and the decision makers who can influence them;
  • Understand your environment and the impact you have;
  • Understand the dynamics when two or more people unite for a common purpose, and who are mutually accountable for results;
  • Understand the importance of your role in leading the organisation’s values, vision, goals and culture, and how these affect the way people think and act;
  • Lead, manage and sustain organisational change through effective planning and communication.

Are there any prerequisites for attending this course?

  • Learners will be required to complete in-program assessments which they will be briefed on before the program starts. The Clifton Strengths© Assessment is included in this course.
  • NB: In order to attend the 2-day follow-up session, the learner will have had to complete the initial one-day session.

R16 200.00*
per delegate, excluding VAT

* NB: This fee covers all 3 days of the course

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In-house Course

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The course content takes place over 3 days – an initial one-day course, followed by a 2-day course at a later date (please be sure to read the prerequisites).

Each day has been split into morning and afternoon modules:

Module 1
(first day):

09h00 – 12h00
Module 2
(first day):

13h00 – 16h00

Module 3
(second day):
09h00 – 12h00
Module 4
(second day):
13h00 – 16h00

Module 5
(third day):

09h00 – 12h00
Module 6
(third day):
13h00 – 16h00

Regional Contacts

Head Office

Sharlene Herandien
Training Manager,
Johannesburg & Gauteng

Western Cape, Northern Cape & Coastal Regions

Leanne Visser
General Manager,
Western Cape & Northern Cape

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