Humanising Organisations

15 -16 September
08h30 – 15h00
Women’s Jail Atrium,
Constitution Hill

Join us at this historic venue on a 2-day journey from consciousness to inclusive strategy development and sustainable impact.

We shed light on the commonalities – rather than the differences – that exist among humanity, as a bridge to achieving the humanisation of organisations

Our thoughts, our words, and the behaviours we project in our workplaces are largely influenced by how we were raised, socialised, conditioned, and indoctrinated.

This program is designed to make us conscious about what informs who we are within ourselves and who we are within the greater ecosystem, and to explore tools to leverage our differences through inclusive strategy development and sustainable impact.

Who is this programme aimed at?

  • Business leaders
  • Decision-Makers
  • Managers
  • Professionals who are instrumental in facilitating and shaping workplace culture, transformation, diversity, inclusion, and wellness
humanising organisations


Day 1: Consciousness

  • Genesis – Who Am I?

    • A storytelling and artistic drawing exercise
  • Embracing Diversity: Look, Feel & Smell your Surroundings

    • A sensory and mentally stimulating exercise
  • Diversity asks, Inclusion asks, Equity asks, Justice asks

    • The theory of DEI
    • Use of multimedia video to explore DEI issues in our daily lives
    • Complexities in managing diversity in the workplace
  • Bias in the Workplace

    • Unconscious Bias
    • Implicit Bias in the Workplace
    • Impact of Implicit Bias on Employees
  • Reading Group

    Talking Back: Bell Hooks

    It’s time we have conversations that move the world

    • Using dialogue to break boundaries and unearth commonalities in the workplace
    • Hearing the silence
    • Effective Engagement
  • Reflection during bed-time

    • Understanding the visible biases in your organisation
    • How can DEI positively enhance your organisational Culture?

Day 2: Strategy and Impact

  • Move from Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion and Strategy

    • Understanding Belonging
    • The world needs all kinds of minds
  • DEI Strategy

    • Case Study
    • Strategy Development
  • Impact

    • Creation of Organisational DEI Committees
    • Fundamentals of Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Debrief & Evaluation

R5 500.00

per delegate, excluding VAT

This includes free parking, stationery, WIFI and meals on both days.


A historic and apt venue to inspire consciousness, life-changing conversation, and learning.

Women’s Jail Atrium,
Constitutional Hill,

11 Kotze St, Braamfontein,
Johannesburg, 2001

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Sharlene Herandien
Training Manager, Johannesburg & Gauteng

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