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21st Century ED offers one and two-day courses (public or in-house) that each offer an in-depth investigation into specific Business, Remuneration and HR topics, and a broad overview of how each topic intersects with other areas of Reward


Many of our courses are accredited by highly prestigious bodies in the Remuneration and Reward field. CPD points will be awarded for all completed accredited courses.



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Discounted Packages

We can offer substantial discounts and advantages to any organisation whose employees will be attending more than one course, or that has more than one employee attending a course.

Keep abreast of the latest trends in Remuneration, HR and Reward.

Take a look (below) – we are continually adding new courses to our repertoire!

Public Courses

(online via MS Teams, can be run in-house on request)

Advanced Excel for HR training course

10 July
16 October

Career Paths and Succession Planning training course

14 August

Creating and leading Positive Teams
19-20 August
3-4 September
17-18 September
1-2 October
15-16 October
29-30 October
12-13 November
26-27 November
10-11 December
Effective Pay Management training course

By request

EQi for Team Leaders

17 July
7 August
21 August
11 September
25 September
9 October
23 October
6 November
20 November
4 December

Finance for Non-financial Managers

10-11 July

HR for Line Managers Training

26-27 September

Humanising Organisations Training

17-18 July

Job Profile Writing training course

9 July
11 September
7 November

Artificial Intelligence for HR

By request

Mentoring and Coaching Skills Training for Line Managers

10 October

Organisational Development Essentials for HR

By request

Paterson Job Evaluation training course

15-16 July
17-18 September
11-12 November

Performance Management training course

20-21 August
19-20 November

The Power of Personal Energy training course

17 July

Principles of Human Capital Analytics and Reporting

By request

Remuneration Committees training course

18 September

Remuneration for HR training course

12-13 August
7-8 October

Short Term Incentive Scheme Design training course

23 July

Stakeholder Management training course

24 October

Sustainable Employee Engagement & Culture training course

29 August

Total Reward Strategy and Policy training course

25 July
20 November

Train the Trainer
(NB: in-person only)
28, 29, 30 August
16, 17, 18 October
20, 21, 22 November

Public IR Courses

(online via MS Teams, can be run in-house on request)

Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

By request

Initiating Disciplinary Hearings Training Course

28-29 August

In-house only / In-house Packages

Change Management Training

In-house only

Senior Management Development Training

In-house only

Stakeholder Management training course


Management Development Programme

In-house only

Sustainable Organisational Effectiveness Package

In-house only

Delegate Day Course Package Rates

Delegate Day Course Package Rates 2024

2024 Package Rates

If any person from your organisation would like to attend more than one public training course, or more than one person from your organisation would like to attend any of the courses, we highly recommend purchasing one of our packages upfront:

  • Structured according to the number of delegate days;
  • Discounts of up to 30%;
  • Valid for one year from date of purchase;
  • Specific to the company (rather than the delegate), so can be used by any number of employees, in any combination, for any course or courses.

If you’d like to purchase any of our Delegate Day Packages, please fill in the PURCHASE FORM.

Terms & Conditions

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If you have any training queries, please contact our Training Manager on
+27 11 447 0306 or at [email protected]

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