The Manager’s Toolkit

21st Century in association with Frontera.

Do your managers really manage? Do your managers have the critical day-to-day skills they need to keep their people engaged, focused and productive from Monday to Friday? 

Introducing THE MANAGER’S TOOLKIT – a programme in practical everyday management.

Without a solid platform of basic management capability, organisations struggle to establish robust operational routines, execute strategic projects and achieve strategic goals. Often, there has been an emphasis on Leadership Development without the necessary foundation of core management disciplines. Our premise is that every leader first needs a grounding in fundamental management skills. The Manager’s Toolkit is designed to address these everyday needs.

Managers Toolkit
In three two-day sessions, participants will learn these foundation skills – skills they will use every day of their lives as managers:

  • Create a culture of shorter more productive meetings
  • Help staff understand the emotional cycle of change and deal with its personal and business implications
  • Sharpen business acumen with a better view of how the team and the individual contribute to the organisation’s goals
  • Improve performance management by better applying the existing processes and giving regular, consistent and useful feedback and coaching
  • Adopt a framework for more effective communication
  • Tap the resources of the team to solve problems collaboratively and make better decisions
  • Become more personally productive and avoid procrastination
  • Learn to improve teamwork and raise motivation levels
  • Delivered over six days in three two-day blocks, the course is practical, engaging and fun
  • Learnings can be applied immediately
  • The final session integrates all the skills in a customised role play
  • Daily bite-sized chunks of online content embed skills and promote new behaviours
  • Management dashboards track individual and team progress
  • Powered by Axonify, the world leader in personalised, gamified microlearning
    • Each module includes simple tools that participants will find immediately useful
    • Course material for the 12 modules is summarised on 12 separate double-sided reference cards
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