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21st Century RMS

21st Century RMS is powered by Lumesse.

21st Century RMS enables you to get your reward and pay structure right and simplify the Reward Management process for everyone involved. It is an accurate, flexible, easy-to-use tool for developing attractive, competitive and motivating reward structures at all levels – based on both market comparisons and corporate objectives.

  • Get an instant overall view of your company’s reward structure, based on accurate current data and research.
  • Compare your current reward structures against real market data from a combination of different surveys.
  • Balance your reward budget and meet your financial obligations.
  • Create consistent salary review processes (across teams and skill areas) by using reward reviews. Reward reviews simplify annual adjustments, creating configurable performance- and merit-based programmes for target groups and individuals.
  • Build and review comprehensive total reward profiles.
  • Create a competitive and flexible reward strategy that links performance to reward.
  • Create total reward packages and action plans for individuals or target groups.
  • Regularly monitor internal equity and the overall effectiveness of your reward policies by using the integrated reporting function.
  • Reduce administration costs. Workflows are automated and scenario planning is integrated to analyse and adjust all reward components, with data roll-up enabled throughout the organisation.
  • Create total reward packages and action plans for individuals or target groups.
21st Century RMS
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