21st Century Expat

Ensure consistent, equitable benefits for Expats. 21st Century Expat uses all standard reporting methodologies to facilitate a seamless calculation and management of Expat pay by providing a set of online expat mobility calculators that calculate the cost of living allowance, the cost of living index, salary purchasing power parity and that facilitate the management of international assignments.

  • Web-based mobility service enables seamless access to a live calculator database, for a full year.
  • The latest cost of living information and indices for every country in the world – for 780 locations worldwide
  • Ability to customise the calculation for particular groups as well as the home/host split for long-term assignments
  • We use more than 50 types of data sources, including our Xpatulator.com sources of raw data which include local and international service providers, and official government and global data
  • The data is thoroughly quality assured and manually checked by analysts
  • Data is updated on a quarterly basis – in January, April, July and October.

This would typically be used for an expat on a short-term assignment (of less than 6 months).The COLA report calculates how much additional allowance (over and above your current salary) you need to pay your expatriate in another location to compensate for a higher cost of living, hardship and the exchange rate, in order to have the same relative spending power – and as a result have a similar standard of living as in the current location.

  • You can select between one and all host locations
  • You can choose from any one, or all, of the 13 different cost of living basket groups, from which assessments are made
  • You can use this information as input to your own expatriate system

SPPP calculates how much your expatriate needs to earn in another location to compensate for cost of living, hardship, and exchange rate differences, in order to have the same relative spending power – and as a result have a similar standard of living as in the current location. This report is useful for a decision regarding a permanent relocation.

This is recommended for the calculation of remuneration and benefits for a typical long-term expatriate assignment (between six months five years) – using your choice of home and host location. The IAM report sets out clear guidelines to make an international assignee / expatriate’s transfer fair and financially viable, taking cognisance of the reward structure and market dynamics of the home and host country, as well as the job level of the expatriate.

The calculations use the build-up / balance sheet / home-based approach.

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