We have partnered with SmartFunder, the leading bursary administrator in South Africa, to bring you a product that will significantly enhance the lives of your employees. 


JEasy Paterson Points

A sophisticated web-based Job Evaluation points system that is robust, flexible, completely secure and uncomplicated to use. JEasy Paterson Points delivers valid and consistent results without the complexities of traditional Job Evaluation processes and methodologies.



RewardOnline is an audited web-based National Salary Survey that provides unlimited access to live Remuneration data for a full year. Data is available for all positions included in the survey database (currently over 1000 positions), across all organisational levels.


Total Reward Statements

A Total Reward Statement accurately details and quantifies (in monetary terms) the full value of an employee’s package, including all benefits, both cash and non-cash. The intangible and non-cash items that do not appear on pay slips can be a real differentiator in what you offer your employees.



The new Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value legislation requires that all companies, entities and organisations have a system in place that remunerates work equally or differentiates fairly for work of equal value. 21st Century has developed 3 systems to ease the process for clients.