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Talent Management & Scarce Skills

With the business and technology environment constantly changing, the management of organisational talent has become critical to the successful execution of the organisation’s vision and strategy.

 We can assist you …

  • By aligning your company’s vision and strategy with its talent requirement:
    • identifying critical roles
    • developing technical and behavioural competencies for these roles
    • assessing the current incumbents and likely successors for the roles
    • developing actions for each incumbent or possible successor
    • putting in a development plan in place in order for the person to become fully effective in the identified role
    • preparing a report to summarise the actions and roles
  • By developing a talent management strategy will include the following:
    • Succession development plan
    • Career management plan
    • Strategic staffing plan
    • Management of job competency categories
    • Scarce, critical and specialised skills jobs
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