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Measuring Remuneration Sustainability

With growing shareholder activism and a global push towards sustainable remuneration, executive pay needs to be linked to the sustainability of the organisation via its economic, social and environmental practices. These inter-connected and inter-dependent factors require integrated thinking in order to create true lasting value.






In response to this, 21st Century has developed the South African Sustainable Remuneration Index. We are able to measure your sustainability – relative to your peers – and provide you with accurate information in the form of an index, with details of areas of improvement.

Communicate the sustainability of your practices accurately to your stakeholders. This information is essential when formulating a strategy for improvement

Demonstrate to your wider stakeholders that your organisation has adopted sustainable remuneration practices

Measure how your executives are remunerated relative to their performance against the triple bottom line (King IV’s “triple context”) of people, profit and planet

R17 50000ex VAT

This includes a full report detailing your organisation’s position within the Sustainability Remuneration Index, and details of the areas of improvement.


Sustainable Remuneration Index

Detailing the period from July 2017 – December 2017

The 1st edition of the Sustainable Remuneration Index is included in the 11th edition of the Executive Pay Barometer, which uses publically available financial data to report on remuneration over every six month period.


Executive Pay Barometer – 11th edition
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