Short Term and Long Term Incentives

21st Century are leaders in short term and long term incentive design and consulting. Incentive schemes must differentiate and reward top performers and must align with organisation strategy and shareholder expectations.

Our financial incentive models are based on best practice Remuneration principles and benchmarks. Models are stress tested by clients against their income statement and balance sheet  to drive the company’s strategy.

Short Term incentive schemes measure performance for up to one year, whilst Long Term Incentive schemes measure performance for over a year.

  • Profit share
  • Gainshare
  • Commission
  • Bonus schemes

  • Attract, retain, motivate and reward employees
  • Align employee behavior with shareholder expectations
  • Change employee focus from process to outputs
  • Drive company strategy

  • Share schemes (of various types)
  • EVA
  • Rolling cash-based schemes

  • To help attract and retain top skills
  • To align employee behavior with shareholder expectations
  • To encourage executives to maximise long-term shareholder value
  • To provide necessary market related remuneration, particularly at executive level

 We can assist you …

  • By reviewing/auditing your existing incentive schemes to ensure to ensure alignment with the business’ objectives and best practice
  • With the design and implementation of the various types of incentive schemes
  • By benchmarking your incentive schemes against the market
  • By providing training on all aspects of incentive schemes to ensure the skills are retained in your organisation
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