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External Equity: Salary Surveys & Benchmarking

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Our business rests on commitment to confidentiality of data. Thus under no circumstances would any individual information or any company-specific information be disclosed to any other participant.

Data Integrity

Over many years, we have collected local HR data from thousands of Southern African organisations. We are proud of the quality of our data, and the integrity and security of our database.

Our data analysts are specialists in their fields, and collectively they have backgrounds in economics, business, econometrics, finance and statistics.

We offer a suite of salary surveys and benchmarking options to suit organization size, needs, and budget.

Our pay scale and salary data has enabled companies – from large corporates to SMEs – to accurately fine-tune, measure and assess salaries and wages across multiple industries and countries.

Income differential analytics

What is the value of
participating in a survey?

Company strategy and company performance are driven by individuals.

Good HR and Remuneration structures and practices – founded on accurate, reliable benchmarks, will engage individuals – encouraging performance that will drive your company’s strategy.

internal and external equity
Equal Pay legislation

How can a survey help us comply with legislation?

A survey will give you access to market data so that you can accurately benchmark the remuneration for the same/similar/equal value jobs against that of other companies, entities or organisations. This is the cornerstone of building your own unique pay scale.

What questions should
we be asking when choosing a salary survey?

  • Who are my comparators, for both general skills and those that are critical to the survival of my organisation?
  • Am I being offered a comprehensive overview of both fixed and variable remuneration?
  • What are the benefit practices of leading organisations in the market?
  • What are the latest trends?
  • Is there a robust sample of participants?

Why use an audited survey?

An audited survey paints an accurate picture of the current remuneration environment. Our national salary survey, RewardOnline, is audited annually by SNG Grant Thornton and has had a clean audit record since 2011.

Why use a third party?

Using a third party adds credibility to the survey. Information is more easily obtained from targeted companies when an independent party collects data.

National Salary
Survey & Benchmarking

We lose our resources to – and recruit them from – all industries and all regions

National Salary Survey

Individual Benchmarks

Executive Benchmarks

Trustee Benchmarks

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National Salary Survey

A RewardOnline annual subscription enables all subscribers to easily access live remuneration / compensation information for a huge spectrum of jobs, across industries nationally, in South Africa, eSwatini, Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho.

Our web-based national salary survey is one of the largest most reputable salary surveys in Africa, and is audited annually for accuracy.

In addition, we have developed a dynamic approach to remuneration and pay solutions in developing economies that is tailored to each country, taking into account their unique economic and social climates. This referenced data is available for more than 20 other African and Asian countries.


Compare your pay practices to those in the market by benchmarking all the elements of remuneration (both fixed and variable) for unique roles based on your specific company metrics.

  • Individual benchmarks are helpful for very specific roles that need to be carefully defined and matched in the market. An individual benchmark also enables you to request specific information, such as market data for short-term and long-term incentive practices and values.
  • Executive benchmarks differ – depending on the size and complexity of the organisation and the role – and it is important to define these parameters to ensure an accurate benchmark.
  • Trustee benchmarks ensure that you are able to attract key candidates and create a defensible trustee remuneration structure. The remuneration levels of the members of the Board of Trustees are based on the size of each non-executive’s position, and their responsibilities.

Niche Surveys

We lose our resources to – and recruit them from a particular industry sector OR a defined comparator group

Customised Surveys

Industry Surveys

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Niche Surveys

A niche survey offers focused, tailor-made results, as specific comparator groups (industries, sectors, job families and other factors) can be targeted. We run about 30 niche surveys annually.

2024 Survey Calendar

If you are interested in participating in any of the 2024 surveys, please contact us and we will send you a reminder before the survey launches.

Niche Survey Calendar 2023

Customised Surveys

An agreed comparator group is invited to participate and the survey is completely customised to your requirements. The survey could include benchmarking of remuneration and incentive practices as well as broader reward issues as dictated by the client.

Industry Surveys

For clients who may want a unique industry view. Organisations within the industry are invited to participate, and the cost of the survey is shared between participants. Participants are invited to submit their requirements for the survey to ensure their particular organisational needs are met. The survey could include benchmarking of remuneration and incentive practices as well as broader reward issues.

If you are interested in participating in any of our surveys, or would like to customise a survey for your organisation, please contact us – we would love to assist.

Expatriate Pay Benchmarks

We lose our resources to – and recruit them from – a country where survey houses are not active

Individual Expat Benchmarks

EXPAT Online Subscription

Expatriate Pay Benchmarks

We offer a quick, accurate, affordable expatriate pay solution that is charged in Rand and costs a fraction of that of international suppliers.

Individual Expat Benchmarks

Available in report form for companies who want to benchmark a few expat positions or build the correct expat package.

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Online Expat Subscription

21st Century Expat is based on complex data from Cost-of-living Indexes, Hardship premiums, Exchange rates and Location, and is available as an online subscription-based solution for organisations who have many expat assignments.

Loss of Earnings Benchmarks

Medico-legal experts are looking for earnings research and benchmarks

Loss of Earnings Benchmarking

Loss of Earnings Assessment

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Loss of Earnings Benchmarks

Analytico, a 21st Century company, are experts in the benchmarking and assessment of loss of earnings capacity for individuals – in both the informal and formal sectors – that have suffered personal injury. We provide medico-legal experts with accurate, reliable earnings research and postulations.