Remuneration Committees

The work of a Remuneration Committee is highly complex and leverages off key components of a company’s strategy.

The main role and function of the Remuneration Committee is:

  • to assist the Board in developing and administering a fair and transparent procedure for setting policy on the overall human resources strategy of the company
  • the remuneration of Directors and senior management of the company and
  • determining their remuneration mix, on the basis of their merit, qualifications, and competence.

These decision points are influenced by having regard to the Company’s operating results, individual performance, and comparable market statistics.

 We can assist you …

  • With relevant market data to inform the decision-making process
  • With the formulation your Remuneration committees’ mandate
  • With the formation of your Remuneration committee
  • By providing an expert independent committee member to ensure adherence to corporate governance
  • By providing remuneration committee training, so that you keep the skill within your organisation
  • By presenting the latest reward trends to your Remuneration committee
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