Pay Scales

Pay Scale Design

21st Century can assist you with your pay scale strategy by designing a customised pay scale that aligns with your organisation strategy.  A pay scale is a guideline for all decision-making, and ensures internal equity and consistency when making decisions.

 We can assist you …

  • With the design of a customised pay scale that includes guidelines for progression of pay in your organisation and takes into account:
    • Your current pay practice
    • External market pay information
    • Your relativity to the external market
    • Your unique environment
    • The unique market you wish to compare against
    • Your unique remuneration strategy in terms of the market match you are aiming for
    • Specific factors that you would like to recognise in your pay model – whether it be recognition of performance, tenure, competency or other factors.
    • Your affordability
  • With the design of a pay progression model to determine where to pay employees on the pay scale, taking into account elements that would be linked to existing policies and strategy
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