Job Profiling

A job profile provides an accurate, realistic, current picture of the details and outputs of a particular job.

  • Job title
  • Job purpose/job location
  • Ideal qualifications
  • Performance criteria
  • Supervisory relationships
  • Authority levels
  • Inter-relationships with other jobs in the same area
  • Relevant experience and competencies
  • Special working conditions
Organisation’s can ensure that their employees have a clear picture of the organisation’s standards, expectations and reporting structure.
The individual can clearly see what their roles and responsibilities are, making it easier for them to to measure their growth, define their career path and understand how their job relates to other jobs in the organisation.
Profiles should be reviewed annually so that the jobs can be accurately benchmarked in the external market.

 We can assist you …

  • by conducting interviews and writing job profiles for every job in your organisation
  • by reviewing and updating existing job profiles through an interview process
  • by training you in the process of job profiling, so that you keep the skill within your organisation
  • by offering you a web-based job profiling system to facilitate management on an ongoing basis
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