Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement, EVP (Employee Value Proposition), and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The focus on talent has gained momentum over the past decade, reflecting the critical role that attracting, motivating and retaining talented people has on business success. Most organisations offer a wide array of benefit and work-life programs to attract and retain employees. This is the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – the collection of attributes that motivate targeted candidates to join a company and existing employees to stay.

 We can assist you …

  • By reviewing/auditing your current engagement strategy
  • With understanding the attributes that are important to different segments of employees
  • By conducting employee perception surveys to assess how satisfied employees are with the company’s current offering
  • To identify engagement, attraction and retention issues and develop and implement strategies to close identified gaps
  • By defining categories of skill to be retained who require differential treatment in terms of remuneration (this includes defining critical, high fliers, scarce and business imperative skills)
  • With development and implementation of your engagement strategy
  • With defining the elements of reward for rewarding and retaining employees (both cash and non-cash elements)
  • By providing engagement, attraction and retention training, so that you keep the skill within your organisation
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