Career Pathing & Succession Planning

Career paths for employees are an integral part of the human capital management and development across all levels in the organisation.

The ultimate intention is to link the process with key performance measures and level of work expectations for each job grade. This process would be used to manage human capital including recruitment, training, selection and promotion.

 We can assist you …

  • By determining the critical competencies for each employee.
  • By measuring organisational and behavioural competence and the specific competencies that are crucial to the core functions of your organisation
  • By building and populating a competency matrix from nationally benchmarked and validated data
  • By establishing client-driven performance-based career paths and promotion criteria.
  • By developing a unique competency framework indicating the competencies required per job family and level within each family
  • By training your managers to identify and align competencies that support your business plan and strategic objectives.
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