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Coaching as a Human Capital Investment


Our FUSION PLUS Pricing Model has arrived …

Coaching has traditionally been a resource for executives and senior leaders.

21st Century, in collaboration with HelloCoach, offers organisations a virtual coaching solution that is available to all employees, on all levels, so that the collective impact of coaching is experienced throughout the organisation.

In the rapidly changing world of work, coaching has emerged as a powerful tool for driving the success of businesses by helping to unlock the full potential of their employees, and ensuring that they remain positive, productive, happy, and emotionally agile.

The Evolution of the Employee

In the workplace, the new decentralised nature of working arrangements have changed the way we perceive and execute our roles.

Evolution of the employee

How are employees coping? What is the strategy to manage this transition – and ensure that your staff remain productive, happy and mentally & emotionally agile?

Coaching as a Business Tool

In the rapidly changing world of work, there is a growing demand for coaching. Coaching has emerged as a powerful tool for driving the success of businesses by helping to unlock the full potential of their employees, and ensuring that they remain positive, productive, happy, and emotionally agile.

Coaching provides HR capacity, and has high levels of client satisfaction and a range of positive outcomes.

Of the 22 000 participants in the 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study …

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How does Coaching affect ROI?

A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) study found that the ROI of coaching can be as high as 7 times the initial investment, and that coaching can help improve leadership skills, teamwork, and individual performance.

An International Coach Federation (ICF) study found that organizations that use coaching services experience an average ROI of 7 times the initial investment.

Coaching, being future-focused, is a proactive intervention, a people resilience solution that will impact organisations from the core out, aligning and integrating with organisational Human Capital strategies.

Definition of Coaching chart

Coaching Benefits: Studies

  • Coaching led to improvements in stress management, resilience, and work-life balance,
    (2020 ICF study of over 1,200 coaching clients from 64 countries)
  • Coaching had a significant impact on employee engagement, with employees who receive regular coaching reporting higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation,
    (2019 – Ken Blanchard Companies – over 900 employees across a variety of industries)
  • Coaching can improve leadership skills and drive business results. Organisations that provide coaching are more likely to see improvements in innovation, customer satisfaction, and employee retention,
    (2018 – Deloitte – over 11,000 business and HR leaders from 140 countries)
  • Coaching can help improve individual and team performance, goal attainment, job satisfaction, and team effectiveness.
    (2018 – Harvard Business Review – over 140 coaching engagements)
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HelloCoach ® is an innovative digital app that connects people to professional specialist coaches, when they need it most. It is available to ALL employees at ALL levels.


  • The app is easy to access and navigate, and sessions can be booked instantly,
  • The promise of 100% confidentiality for employees being coached. Employers have access to general statistics, but not to any personal details that may be able to identify an employee,
  • Coaching is affordable, with unique pricing models. A variety of packages can be tailored to suit business needs,
  • Online – people can access coaching from anywhere,
  • Seamless blending of technology and personal intervention,
  • 34 topics, covering most areas of mental and emotional wellbeing, ensure that stumbling blocks and uncertainties are turned into stepping-stones to personal resilience,
  • Proactive, future oriented guidance (as opposed to reactive, often stigmatised initiatives),
  • Qualified, seasoned COMENSA/ICF coaches provide capacity.

User Journey

  • The user downloads the app and selects a time and date for their session;
  • The user identifies an issue from a matrix of 34 topics which fall under 4 categories:
    • Workplace
    • Lifestyle
    • Health & wellbeing
    • Relationship
HelloCoach topics
  • A coach is matched to the user depending on the topic chosen, and on the user’s leadership role, or the user can select their coach from the list of specialists in that topic;
  • Each coach has written a short biography about themselves and their coaching styles, as well as their own top five values. This helps users make a more informed selection of their coach in the topic of their choice;
  • The user rates their state before the session;
  • Each session is a 40 minute transactional coaching event;
  • The impact of a coaching session is immediate, with users rating their state again after the session;
  • Users can choose to select the same coach as previously when booking a new session.

User Experience

When individuals find congruence between self and others, the entire ecosystem in which they operate is positively influenced, impacting the company from the inside outwards. The collective outcome is greater understanding, empathy and harmony within the wider environment.

The Rise to Hero framework graphically outlines the mental and emotional shifts that occur through the coaching process.

HelloCoach rise to hero framework
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Employer Results

The most powerful insight a leader can have, is an understanding of the emotional and mental wellbeing climate that exists within their organisation. Measuring and quantifying wellbeing and shifts over time can be measured using the Rate Your State Survey.

Rate Your State Survey

  • A unique survey link is sent to you for distribution to employees,
  • Employees complete the 100% anonymous 30-question survey on any device in less than 8 minutes,
  • A detailed report is provided to leadership on all 30 questions, as well as a summative report on six climate pillars:
    • Work-life balance
    • External wellbeing
    • Trust
    • Stress
    • Job happiness
    • Organisational Total (Harmony or Dissonance)
  • The ROI of an intervention over time can be measured and compared.

  • A variety of useful reports can be generated that give excellent insights into your staff’s general well-being, habits, and levels of resourcefulness.


Price per coaching session
drops dramatically and t
ake-up is generally in the high 90%’s

Actively distribute sessions to target employees/members

How the FUSION PLUS pricing model works:

  • This model places a basket of coaching sessions (with 12 months expiry) into the hands of the client (HR), for them to allocate to staff/customers as and when required.
  • The client pays for the coaching sessions in equal installments over the 12 months.
  • If the client runs out of sessions during the 12 months, they continue paying the installments until the end of the contract period, and can simply buy a new bundle.
  • The price table shows the prices vs. bundle sizes. Prices exclude VAT.
  • Should clients want to purchase random sessions they will be charged at R699 + VAT.

Price Table

Fusion Plus Pricing Table


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