End-to-end Organisational Development

Survive, adapt, and thrive by successfully navigating the complex link between SOFT (behavioural) change and HARD organisational development processes (design / structure / architecture).

Ensure that your organisation is flexible and highly resilient, and that employees are engaged and productive.

Your organisational structure is the vehicle that delivers your strategy, services and performance


Effective, successful, performance-driven companies have organisational and reporting structures that are focused on their core business.

We provide an end-to-end service that ensures that your organisation’s strategy is linked to your mandate and operating model and processes.

This approach ensures that your organisational structure is driving specific organisational goals, utilising your human resources to maximum effect, and improving performance and service delivery.


We can develop a tailor-made Organisational Development solution, unique to your particular organisation and situation, within the framework of the following phases:

Strategy Design

  • Strategy consulting
  • Business model design
  • Structure-strategy alignment/realignment

Operating Model Design

  • Macro business value-chain analysis & design
  • Service delivery model design

Organisation Structure Design

  • Job design
  • Job profiling
  • Capacity planning
  • FTE analysis/ determination

Structure Implementation

  • Migration & placement support

Project Management & Stakeholder Engagement

Upskilling of Stakeholders

  • HR and Line Managers (through partnerships and training)

Training Courses

OD training
Change Management and Change agents Training
Change Management and Change agents Training

What can we do to optimise our business for resilience in the current climate?