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JEasy Paterson Points is a sophisticated, completely secure web-based Job Evaluation points system that delivers valid and consistent results without the complexities of traditional JE processes and methodologies

Why Paterson?

Why use Paterson

Using this points system will enable you to defend the fairness of any differentiations in grades, ensuring both internal and external equity, and that you can comply 100% with Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value legislation.

How the Point Factor Job Evaluation method works

JEasy point factor method

Job Evaluation takes place early in the process of creating a compensation system for the organisation. The content of jobs can be described in terms of factors – qualities of a job that are common to many jobs.

JEasyPP factors

The more points assigned to a job, the more worth the job has to the organization. The Paterson Job Evaluation factors used can be seen in the diagram above.

Four easy steps

JEasy 4 steps

We’ve updated and streamlined our system – it’s friendlier, it’s easier to use, and it’s more advanced than ever before – with added functionality – and only 4 easy steps to complete the evaluation.


JEasy PP Features

  • Import/add job and structure information on system;
  • Grade correlations to all major JE systems;
  • Compare jobs with market-related job grade benchmarks;
  • An unlimited number of jobs can be evaluated;
  • If required, 21st Century can validate the Job Evaluations;
  • Statements are available in five languages (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Sesotho and isiZulu);
  • Keep track of market benchmarks with continual and automatic updates;
  • Built-in grade audit trail and easy reporting capabilities;
  • Single-user or multiple-user access;
  • A status report on JE sessions can be viewed, with a full archive and tracking history;
  • Graphs and reports can be exported to PDF;
  • Incomplete JE sessions can be saved;
  • Job Evaluation training is included in the price of the product;
  • The first 3 months are FREE.

Book a free demo and information session

We would love an opportunity to demonstrate the system to you, or to answer any queries you may have. If you would like to book a FREE demo and information session, please contact us.

Laurika Fourie

General Manager:
Job Evaluation and Systems

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