IPM Conference collage 1
IPM Conference collage 1
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Did you visit our stand at the IPM Conference?

If your photo is on this page, you are also entitled to a discount!

We appreciate your visit to out stand, and are happy to be able to send you your photos, as well as a personalised discount code, which may be used to receive a 15% discount on:

  • Training Courses, purchased and paid for in 2022, for use in 2023 (valid for a year from date of purchase) for 3 or more people, or 3 or more courses. When filling out the Training form for any particular course, you will see an option to insert this discount code.
  • The purchase of any Delegate Day Course Packages. More information and a purchase form can be found at the bottom of the Training courses page.

Please fill in the form below to receive your photos of choice and a personalised discount code.

NB: The discount code is restricted to the person ordering the photo, who may submit one form only, so please make sure you order all the photos you would like at once!