Hybrid Working Model: FREE Readiness Assessment

A hybrid working model became a reality for some organisations out of necessity – how do we move to a more intentional model that is part of our way of life?

Step 1: FREE
Hybrid Readiness Assessment

21st Century has developed a FREE no-obligation Hybrid-Readiness assessment which will be the first step on your journey to adopting a hybrid model going forward.

This assessment is FREE! It will only take a few minutes to complete and you will get feedback within 1 day.

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After you complete the Hybrid-Readiness assessment, we would love to engage further on a more detailed gap analysis and designing a customised model tailored to your unique environment to ensure that hybrid working becomes a sustainable and successful driver of your future-fit organisation.

Step 2: Hybrid Readiness
Gap Analysis

Via a conversation with you, we will unpack extensive detail of:

  • your current environment,
  • the appetite and support for change,
  • potential barriers to success.

After an in-depth analysis of your data, a Hybrid Readiness Report will be sent to you, detailing your results on the matrix for the following criteria:

  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Organisational Culture
  • Leadership Profile
  • Performance Drivers
  • Organisational Profile
Hybrid Working Model - what we analyse

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Step 3: Bespoke Hybrid Working Model

We will design a customised Hybrid Working Model, based on the results of the Hybrid Readiness Gap Analysis, that is tailored to your unique environment.

This model will provide the necessary tools to ensure that hybrid working can become a sustainable and successful driver of your future-fit organisation.