Global Governance and
Remuneration Trends

Join 21st Century as our Chairman, Dr. Mark Bussin, discusses the latest information on Global Governance and Remuneration trends, and an update on Section 30A of the Companies Act

Webinar Outline

  • Our context,

  • Section 30A update:
    • The current regime in SA on voting for remuneration,
    • International trends on voting for remuneration / Say on Pay,
    • The views of various stakeholders,
    • The current proposals on the table by government,
    • Implications of the current proposals if it were to go through as is,
    • What a compromise could look like.
  • Global Governance trends and implications for Board and Remcos:
    • Remco scope and terms of reference – increasing their reach,
    • Institutional investors, regulators and proxy advisors – bolder and stronger,
    • Simpler variable pay schemes – possible options,
    • Carpe Diem Human Capital Metrics
  • Global Remuneration trends:
    • Vertical and horizontal pay gaps – is there a solution?
    • #payslip ban – gaining momentum,
    • Regulators telling us how to pick comparators for our LTI benchmarking – what’s in and what’s out?
    • Where are we on ESG?
    • Living wage developments,
    • WFA arrangements,
  • Predictions for the future.

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12 May 2022

(09h00 – 12h00)

Cost (includes resources)

R3 900.00

(excluding VAT) for the first delegate, and only

R1 995.00

(excluding VAT) for any additional delegates.

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