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21st Century is proud to be the GECN company in Africa. We are one of a prestigious group of 6 select independent advisory companies, spanning 6 continents, that have pooled their resources to serve clients across multiple industries in over 30 countries around the world.

  • 21st Century in Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth),
  • Carrots Consulting in Asia (Singapore),
  • Farient Advisors in the United States (New York and Los Angeles),
  • Guerdon Associates in Australia (Sydney),
  • HCM in Europe and the Gulf countries (Zurich, Geneva and Kyiv), and
  • MM&K in the United Kingdom (London).

Strategic, customised, contextualised advice

The GECN specialises in resolving the more challenging high-level, cutting-edge issues which companies face today in the areas of:

  • business strategy,
  • corporate governance,
  • executive remuneration,
  • performance management,
  • ESG,
  • regulatory and compliance management

Through our GECN partners, we have access to local and international analytics, research, and surveys in all these areas.

What we do and how we work

Our senior advisors work together as a team to formulate carefully-tailored advice that takes into account local and global practices and trends, multi-jurisdictional best practices, and factors that are unique to your individual company (size, complexity, and specific needs). We deliver advice to:

  • CEOs
  • Boards of Directors
  • Board Chairpersons
  • Remuneration Committees
  • HR and Reward Executives
  • Senior Management
  • Other decision makers

Governance forms the basis for the implementation of a company’s business strategy, the design and execution of its remuneration system, and the management of risks. The GECN assists with:

  • the assessment and implementation of governance strategy
  • shareholder engagement
  • board performance assessments
  • independent advice to boards to enhance their ability to carry out oversight responsibilities

Our holistic approach to executive remuneration ensures the alignment of all remuneration elements with business goals and the company’s culture.

Performance management and HR are critical for driving performance and managing talent. It’s vital that performance measures are carefully chosen to support remuneration decisions, company culture, values and behaviors. Decisions may need to be made on whether – and how – to incorporate ESG measures (environment, society, and governance).

Global Reach

Boards and management need to continuously determine how to manage and meet ever-increasing expectations from the market, regulators, proxy advisors, and other stakeholders.

Our global reach means that we stay abreast of regulatory and compliance updates across countries and jurisdictions – and are thus perfectly placed to design compliance policies, systems and processes.

We serve clients across the globe, in multiple industries and sectors, including, amongst others:

  • high technology
  • financial services
  • manufacturing
  • consumer goods
  • pharma
  • natural resources
  • the public sector.
21st Century and GECN Group


21st Century Pty LTD

21st Century Pty Ltd is a specialist remuneration, organisation development, talent management and change management consultancy, with national and international capability, and a B-BBEE level 2 rating. We are one of the largest remuneration and HR consultancies in Africa, with a team of more than 60 skilled specialists. Our sustainable remuneration & HR solutions are supported by a comprehensive audited salary survey database, an analytics capability, and a wide range of web-based remuneration and HR systems and associated training courses.

North America

Farient Advisors LLC

Farient Advisors LLC is an independent executive compensation and performance consultancy providing a comprehensive array of services that range from compensation strategy, planning and program design, to governance services that include shareholder engagement and communications. Leveraging its deep expertise and proprietary methodologies, Farient helps its clients design defensible strategies that strengthen their business and create stakeholder value.


Carrots Consulting Pte Ltd

Carrots Consulting Pte Ltd partners with companies to review, design and implement innovative people-pay-performance management strategies. It focuses on helping companies add value to their businesses by maximizing their investment in human capital. Carrots Consulting’s experience gives it the ability to produce tangible results that equip clients to meet their business objectives.

United Kingdom

MM&K Limited

MM&K Limited is a leading independent consultancy specializing in the planning, design, implementation and administration of business-driven pay and reward strategies to encourage and reward value creation for the benefit of all stakeholders. While retaining its focus as an adviser on directors and senior executive remuneration, over the years, MM&K has added complementary services to support client needs.

Continental Europe and Gulf Countries

HCM International

HCM International Ltd. is a leading independent international advisory firm specializing in governance (including compliance), financial stewardship and compensation, with deep experience across various industries and in the advising of boards, board committees, HR, compliance and other control functions.


Guerdon Associates Pty Ltd

Guerdon Associates Pty Ltd is an independent consulting firm that provides executive and director remuneration and board effectiveness services that contribute to improved and sustainable shareholder value. It brings together behavioral, financial and legal disciplines, comprehensive data and research, a measurement framework, and a global group to achieve this regionally, nationally and globally.

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