Financial Services Sector Forum:
Reward and Human Capital Practices

Date: 25 March 2021
Time: 10h00 – 12h00

Cost: FREE

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to engage you on the details of our invitation to the
Financial Services Reward and Human Capital Forum.

Since its inception, 21st Century has worked with several organisations in the financial services sector, with focus in the remuneration sphere on niche analysis and surveys. Over the years, our business offering has evolved and grown from pure Remuneration, to end-to-end Human Capital capability.

One of the gaps that our clients in the sector have highlighted is the need for a network and/or forum – made up of Reward Specialists and Human Resources Practitioners and Managers – to discuss and co-design fit-for purpose and tailor-made solutions for the challenges they face beyond Remuneration, through collaboration with credible experts in both Reward and Human Capital.

We invite you to join us

As a proactive and introductory step towards the formation of such a forum, we would like to invite you to join us and other experts in your sector, for a presentation and discussion – exclusive to the financial services sector – on:

  • the Reward and Human Capital trends we have observed,
  • the challenges you are facing currently as a sector,
  • the tools we would like to share with you in this regard.

Our survey and end-to-end Human Capital capability allows us to provide you with an opportunity to form part of a group of organisations in the financial services sector, in which we would facilitate ongoing discussions and surveys within your sector. This would allow you to obtain live data and information on the Reward and Human Capital trends within the financial services sector.

The approach and detail of such surveys is co-authored by 21st Century and members of such a forum. 21st Century has for many years facilitated the same industry forums and surveys in other industries such as Hospitality, Private Schools, Law Firms, Actuaries, Property, to name a few examples.

This first meeting provides participants with the platform to discuss solutions that can be tailor-made to the needs of all the organisations in the sector, as a collective.

We look forward to seeing you.
Please RSVP below, and we will contact you with further details.

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What makes this
Forum unique?

Some of the benefits of participating in a tailor-made Financial Services Remuneration and Human Capital Forum will be:

  • Regular information and feedback on the hot topics and trends in your particular sector,
  • Reward and Human Capital data, analytics trends and benchmarking
  • Tailored and niche surveys on Remuneration and Benefits practices,
  • Tailored and niche surveys on other Human Capital and business trends in the sector,
  • Tailored Reward reporting for annual REMCO and board presentations,
  • Ongoing access to live and audited remuneration data in the sector and the national market,
  • Economic benchmarks,
  • Salary increase trends,
  • Legitimisation of defensible salary structures.