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Crafting a Wellness Strategy for your organisation in 2022

What aspects of your company’s wellness strategy will you leave behind, what will you carry forward, and what will you need to incorporate into your strategy in the New Year?

It would be nothing new stating the truth that these last two years have caused all companies, big and small, to re-evaluate their inner workings. The topic of wellness has been discussed more than we imagined.

The 3 most prominent realisations:

  • Our employees play a vital role in the resilience and adaptive capability of our company.
  • As much as skills and work ethic are at the forefront of employee performance, mental health has proven to be a factor that demands more of our attention if we wish to retain our valued staff and maintain a sound company image, morale and work ethic.
  • What we have had in place before as support for our management and staff may not be sufficient or applicable.

Going into the New Year, we realise that more support is needed and that mental health, life coaching, and financial coaching is where the focus should be in terms of wellness solutions. In crafting your solution, it is important to consider 2 perspectives:

Identified employee pain points:

The need to:

  • Establish trust and integrity around work delivery and work quality.
  • Improve staff morale which impacts colleague’s dynamics and interaction with clients.
  • Equip employees for better financial management
  • Provide support for staff (and their dependants) going through troubling and overwhelming personal matters.

Identified management pain points:

  • As much as staff rely on their leaders, leaders are asking for mental health/life skills/counselling support too.
  • Management are losing up 30% of their productivity dealing with the psychosocial needs of their staff of which most in leadership aren’t qualified.
  • Upskilling of managers to prevent and best manage employee burnout, substance abuse behaviours, depression and suicide tendencies.
  • In the case of a traumatic event, trauma assistance and support.

When crafting your wellness strategy for 2022, it is important to take the time to review your offering and to consider alternatives and needs-specific creative solutions.

For a cost-free review, or for more information on how an Employee Wellness Programme or Employee Benefits can serve you, please email IPM on [email protected], or call and ask for Andrea on 011 450 1165.

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