INVITATION: Coffee & Conversation –

Strategic Workforce Analytics and Planning

Thursday 16 September
10h00 – 12h00

Cost: FREE

Every second month of this year, we will be hosting a Coffee & Conversation session, where we will be exploring and raising current questions faced by HR and
business leaders.

We invite you to grab a coffee, and join us on Zoom, as we demonstrate how you can use your human resource data to assist with strategic workforce planning and analysis.

  • How can examining the spans of control and levels of management of your workforce help you get a view on cost models?
  • What data can be used to profile your staff and create models that predict their behaviour?
  • How do various employee traits impact their performance?
  • Scan your current workforce for gaps and start planning accordingly.
  • Place your organisation in a position to embrace data-driven decision-making (DDDM) when dealing with its most important asset, its people.
  • Tips for building your data warehouse to enable this kind of analysis.

Bring along your questions and ideas to share with us!

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Please fill in the form below if you’d like to attend this session. and we will send you a diary invite and Zoom link.

We’ll also be sending participants a short poll to identify any topics you’d like us to be chatting about.