Change Management

Engaging and supporting people through times of change dramatically increases the success rate of the delivery of strategic objectives and ROI … and decreases your risk and costs.


Change initiatives are not just about meeting technical requirements – they impact how people do their work. If individuals cannot personally adapt to change, and learn to embrace a new way of working, the change outcomes are at risk.

Successful change

A successful Change Management process ensures that realistic, achievable and measurable changes are implemented smoothly and successfully through stakeholder engagement.

We strive to help you deliver the benefits of change with the least possible amount of pain, disruption  and risk to the business … and to all those working within it.

Strategies are implemented to involve, prepare, equip and support individuals to adopt change – and adapt to change – in order to move from their own current states to the desired future states – thus helping to deliver effective results that achieve your organisation’s strategic vision.

Does your organisation need Change Management?

Is your organisation experiencing/about to experience (or has it recently
experienced) any of these changes?

Is your organisation changing its ORGANISATIONAL STRATEGY and/or STRUCTURE?

Is your organisation changing its BUSINESS PROCESSES (including change of PRODUCT and/or SERVICES)?

Is your organisation changing its organisation LEADERSHIP and/or CULTURE?

Is your organisation changing as a result of FINANCIAL DISRUPTION?

Is your organisation going through a MERGER or ACQUISITION?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, 21st Century can help you with Change Management. Ideally, Change Management should be sought before – or at the beginning of – the process of change … however it is never too late!

Every organisation is unique. Every change is unique.

Our Approach

Our approach is to develop a tailor-made Change Management solution – unique to your particular organization and situation – within the framework of the following phases:

  • Diagnosis: Readiness Assessments
  • Engagement: Stakeholder Management
  • Planning: Project Management and Scheduling
  • Implementation: Coaching and Mentorship
  • Re-assessment: Impact Assessment
  • Skills Transfer: Training
  • Embedding: Handover/Capacity Building

How will this benefit you?

Our robust and effective Change Management approach will ensure that …

… you have a focused vision for the future of your organisation

… your leaders are visibly committed to the change and have the capacity to lead and manage it

… there is early-stage buy-in, engagement, input and support from everyone that can influence the outcome of the change or is impacted by the change (employees, unions, community, customers, shareholders, regulators)

… expectations of the change process are aligned

…communication is effective and two-way

… progress is communicated and measured

… job roles are aligned to system and process changes

… resistance to change is reduced and managed

… knowledge & skills are transferred for sustainability

… risks are managed, barriers to change are removed and change issues are resolved

… you see visible, measurable benefits in a short space of time

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