Change Management

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Engaging and supporting people through times of change dramatically increases the success rate of the delivery of strategic objectives and return on investment … and decreases your risk and costs.

Deliver the benefits of change with the least possible amount of pain, disruption and risk to the business and to all those working within it.

Successful Change

Change initiatives are not just about meeting technical requirements – they impact how people do their work. If individuals cannot personally adapt to change, and learn to embrace a new way of working, the change outcomes are at risk.

Change Management

A successful Change Management process ensures that realistic, achievable and measurable changes are implemented smoothly by successfully engaging all the people involved in the change.

Is your organisation changing:

  • its strategy?
  • its structure?
  • its business processes?
  • its products and/or services?
  • its leadership?
  • its culture?
  • as a result of financial disruption?
  • as a result of a merger or acquisition?

Tailor-made Change Solutions

We can develop a solution unique to your organisation and situation, within the framework of the following phases:

  • Diagnosis: Readiness Assessments
  • Engagement: Stakeholder Management
  • Planning: Project Management and Scheduling
  • Implementation: Coaching and Mentorship
  • Re-assessment: Impact Assessment
  • Skills Transfer: Training
  • Embedding: Handover/Capacity Building

Strategies are implemented to involve, prepare, equip and support individuals to move from their own current states to the desired future states.

Helping deliver your organisation’s strategic vision:

  • Focused organisation vision for the future;
  • Visibly committed leaders with the capacity to manage change;
  • Early-stage buy-in, engagement, input and support from everyone impacted by the change (employees, unions, community, customers, shareholders, regulators);
  • Aligned expectations of the change process;
  • Effective two-way communication;
  • Measureable and communicated progress;
  • Job roles aligned to system and process changes;
  • Reduced, and managed, resistance to change;
  • Transferred knowledge & skills;
  • Managed risks, removal of barriers to change, and resolved change issues;
  • Visible, measurable benefits seen in a short space of time.

Customised Change Management Workshops:

  • Change Management as a Core Leadership Competency,
  • Change Management for Organisational Culture Change,
  • Change Management for Remuneration and Rewards,
  • Change Management for Strategy Adoption and Implementation,
  • Change Management to drive Team Performance,
  • Change Management for Organisational Restructuring,
  • Change Management for IT/Systems Change,
  • Change Management for Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Change Management for Geo-location Change (Relocation).

Customised Culture & Engagement Survey:

What you’ll get:

  • Online Survey with anonymity and confidentiality,
  • Paper-based surveys for employees without access to a computer,
  • Focus Group Discussions (optional),
  • Comprehensive Report with end-to-end Human Capital Recommendations,
  • Human Capital Impl ent Score.

In-house Change
Management Training

We offer in-house training in Change Management, either as part of a customised package, or as a stand-alone course for your employees.

Change Management and Change Agents Training

NEW! Sustainable Employee Engagement Packages

12-month Renewable Packages

Diagnostic Surveys that are scientifically designed to MEASURE Culture, Change Readiness, Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing, Strategy Embedding & EVP.


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