Booking Form: Courses & Packages

If you would like to attend a particular course (or courses) or purchase a package, please ensure that you fill out all the sections of the form and familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions (set out below the form) to avoid unexpected fees and disappointment.


Once the forms have been submitted, 21st Century will contact you to make payment arrangements.


  • Section A: Company Information:

  • Section B: Delegate Information:

  • Section C: Purchasing Options:

  • Choose how you would like to pay. Fill in all the fields that are applicable, choosing AT LEAST ONE purchasing option.

  • Section D: Invoicing Information:

  • This section contains the details of the financial contact person within your company who would receive the invoice.

  • Section E: Signoff

  • This section must be signed off by a person in your company who has the authority to purchase this course/package/s.

Terms & Conditions:


If you have not received confirmation – IN WRITING – of your booking five working days before the event, please contact us on +27 11  447  0306  to confirm that we have received your registration.