Loss of Earnings (Medico-legal)


Analytico assesses loss of earnings capacity for individuals (in both the formal and informal sectors) that have suffered personal injury, providing Medico-legal experts with accurate, reliable earnings research and postulations from the most detailed earnings database in South Africa

Loss of Earnings Experts

21st Century Analytico are experts in loss of earnings assessments, and consult to the Medico-legal profession. Loss of earnings refers to a situation in which less money than expected was earned due to a traumatic life event such as a motor vehicle accident, medical negligence or unfair dismissal.

Loss of Earnings Assessments
& Expert Witness

Loss of earnings expert witnesses are utilised for cases involving an individual’s possible loss of earnings capacity. As loss of earnings experts, we assist our medico-legal clientele with an expert opinion in civil cases that require an opinion about projected pre- and post-incident earnings capacity in the insurance industry.

Earnings Assessment
Data Methodology

We use computational data methods to provide a sense of clarity on future earnings projections. Our research and reporting are based on data and statistical modelling that informs our expert opinion and provides clear actuarial instructions. This valuable information is based on in-depth knowledge of labour economics, remuneration, human resources and vocational growth.

Earnings Capacity Reporting

Our earnings capacity reports are geared for accurate data-enhanced reporting to attorneys needing to instruct actuaries in personal injury-related matters. Our reporting capabilities include:

  • Earnings expert Reporting
  • Forensic accounting Reporting
  • Quantum certificates

We pride ourselves in providing reporting in quick turnaround times and at market related costs.

Earnings Capacity
& Labour Market Training

We have provided training and presented research to intern Industrial Psychologists, Senior Industrial Psychologists and Attorneys on labour market statistics and the formulation of earnings capacity opinions.

Research, Development
& Bespoke Applications

We are continually researching and developing bespoke applications such as automated reporting, data analysis and business process flow applications.

Earnings Analysis

Industrial Psychologists, Earnings Experts, Recruiters and HR Professionals can gain in-depth insight into publicly-sourced labour market dynamics data and earnings research on different demographic and occupational profiles.

Earnings Analysis Software

Our Earnings Analysis Software provides full data access to labour market earnings research, using innovative technology and software.

Formal & Informal Sector
salary benchmarks

Our earnings research packages include formal and informal sector benchmarks, with full access to an array of additional tools and resources. This combined service offering helps experts to formulate specific or generalised earnings progressions in either the corporate, formal or informal sectors.

benchmarks available
Informal sector workers in the database

Earnings Analysis App

Incorporating demographic and labour market related data, our Earnings Analysis Application provides earnings experts with an in-depth insight into the labour market.

We provide earnings experts with granular insight into the earnings of over 400 occupations with a detailed view of how factors such as education, age and sectors impact earnings.


We have always received such excellent service from Jaen at Analytico, with regards to him always being available when questions arise, plus going the extra mile with sound advice and in -depth individualized reports when needed. The Analytico system is easy to use, to understand and to interpret for the layman and professionals alike, especially the graphs and tables, which indicate earnings progression by age and qualifications until age 65. It provides a great alternative to other statistical earnings data available and reports can be easily tailormade for individual situations, particularly those that are not the usual “run of the mill” cases. All figures are based on actual STATSSA data which is defensible and quantifiable. In addition, it is useful to have this source as a backup/comparison to other earnings information available. Thus, one does not need to disregard other good research data that may also be applicable. I and my Practice Manager, Bianca Apostoli would recommend Jaen and his firm without hesitation.

Debbie Atkins, Deborah Atkins and Associates
Our firm instructed Analytico to assist us with earnings reports in numerous Road Accident Fund and other civil matters. Analytico has rendered excellent services over the last three years.We recently referred a long-standing problematic matter to Analytico. They collated a complicated matrix of facts. They went into collateral data. On the basis of solid fact, as well as likely probabilities, they produced a logical report. Analytico’s clear and convincing opinions formed the conclusion. The skeptical Defendant looked at the long-disputed issues with fresh eyes and a solid settlement was achieved. The turnaround time was impressive. It is easy to recommend the services of Analytico as they are highly competent experts who compile comprehensive reports. They leave no stone unturned in their pursuit to serve their clients.
Arno Gunther, Henry Shields Attorneys



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