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The Education Uplifting Ikasi program is a dynamic inaugural program of the Foundation, designed to ignite change and opportunity within South Africa’s vibrant townships.

Anchored on three core pillars – academic empowerment, entrepreneurial exposure, and educator enrichment – this groundbreaking project aims to revolutionise educational landscapes.

Education Uplifting Ikasi -Mission and Vision

Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide comprehensive tutoring in Maths, Science, and English, equipping learners with essential skills for academic success.

But our vision extends far beyond the classroom. Through immersive entrepreneurial workshops and career expos, we’re nurturing a spirit of innovation and enterprise, empowering young minds to shape their futures with confidence and ambition.

Together, we’re redefining education, transforming schools into centres of excellence, and paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for learners, families, and communities across South Africa.

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Fons Luminis Secondary School and Bright Star Academy

Partnering closely with Fons Luminis Secondary School and Bright Star Academy, we’re driving impactful transformations from within the heart of the Diepkloof, Soweto as the “kasi” of choice.

Located at the entrance of Soweto in Diepkloof Extension 4, Fons Luminis Secondary School has a total population of 1401 learners served by 41 teachers, making a student-teacher ratio of 35:1. In 2020, the school attained an average of 79% pass rate, with an 83.6% Matric pass rate in 2022.

Moreover, through Bright Star Academy, a black-owned tutoring academy situated within the local community, the Foundation has vetted, employed and trained 11 graduates from diverse fields, providing them with meaningful employment as tutors in Maths and Science. The tutors bring a fresh approach to learning that is linked to motivation and mentorship.

What key areas will the partnership focus on?

This partnership aims to support and enhance opportunities available to the school’s learners by:

  • Tutoring for Grade 8 learners every Saturday for English, Maths and Science through a partnership with Bright Star Academy,
  • An annual Career and Entrepreneurial Expo at the school for all grades, covering a variety of ‘careers of the future’ and career diversity beyond STEM, which includes HECCI careers,
  • Assisting in capacity building of teachers’ skills in areas such as project management, reporting and computer literacy.
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