21st Century Foundation is a non-profit entity with a vision to consciously contribute to breaking poverty cycles by fostering academic growth
and entrepreneurial mindsets
among learners in underserved
communities, in order to broaden their future opportunities.

21st Century Foundation
21st Century Foundation

What is the objective of the Education Uplifting Ikasi project?

A long-term partnership has been established between 21st Century Foundation and Fons Luminis Secondary School to support and enhance opportunities available to the school’s learners by focusing on the following key areas:

  • Tutoring for Grade 8 learners every Saturday for English, Maths and Science through a partnership with Bright Star Academy, a black-owned tutoring academy situated within the local community with vetted and trained tutors (university students and alumni) who bring a fresh approach to learning that is linked to motivation and mentorship,
  • An annual Career and Entrepreneurial Expo at the school for all grades, covering a variety of ‘careers of the future’ and career diversity beyond STEM, which includes HECCI careers,
  • Assisting in capacity building of teachers’ skills in areas such as project management, reporting and computer literacy.

Understanding the importance of collaborative efforts to enhance the quality of education and the development of learners in Soweto,
South Africa

21st Century Foundation
21st Century Foundation
21st Century Foundation

Fons Luminis Secondary School

Located at the entrance of Soweto in Diepkloof Extension 4, the school has a total population of 1401 learners served by 41 teachers, making a student-teacher ratio of 35:1. In 2020, the school attained an average of 79% pass rate, with an 83.6% Matric pass rate in 2022.

21st Century Foundation


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