About 21st Century

What we do

21st Century is a specialist Remuneration consultancy, with national and international capability, and a B-BBEE level 2 rating. Our sustainable Remuneration solutions are supported by our comprehensive audited salary survey database and a wide range of web-based Remuneration systems and Remuneration training courses.

We are one of the largest Remuneration consultancies in Africa, with a team of more than 60 skilled specialists, and we service over 1700 clients – including non-profit organisations, unlisted companies, government, parastatals and over two thirds of the companies listed on the JSE.

BBBEE level 2 contributor

21st Century was awarded a Level 2 B-BBEE verification certificate in July 2015 by Grant Thornton Verification Services (Pty) Ltd. As we are a value adding supplier, this allows our clients to claim a preferential procurement spend of 125% of the value of the procurement from 21st Century.

21st Century’s B-BBEE shareholding is 51%, with a further 10% ringfenced for staff.

Remuneration is complex. We want to make it simpler for you to find your way around.

In 1996, 21st Century was born, and we set out to design and provide pragmatic, easy-to-understand Remuneration solutions. Since then we have developed a formidable reputation for delivering realistic, practical, output-driven Remuneration solutions.

Remuneration and HR – what’s the connection?

Job profiling and job evaluation are at the root of all remuneration and HR processes.

Strategic goals can only be met when remuneration and HR processes and structures are sound, valid, well planned and well executed. It is imperative that all of these structures are developed from the basis of accurate, fair, defensible job profiles and job evaluations.

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How we think

innovation and remuneration

Our philosophy

We believe it’s important to present you with Reward and Remuneration solutions that create long-term value for your organisation, your employees, your shareholders, and the environment in which your organisation operates.

In order to do this we focus on your organisation’s strategy … and continue to do so throughout the intervention process.

Our passion

We are passionate about Remuneration – and about innovation. We believe that the two cannot be separated.

Remuneration issues are complex and change rapidly in response to the environment. In order to keep up, we need to be innovative.

To be the recognised global reward company with happy employees.
To provide pragmatic and world class solutions to our clients.
  • Helpful
  • Caring
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Speed
  • Innovation

Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions

– Tony Robbins

Our work process

work process

Listen & advise

We make sure we understand what is driving your business, what it is that you need, and how your business culture functions.

Remuneration Consulting

Survey & analyse

Our comprehensive survey capability across industries enables us to provide detailed information, both from outside and within your organisation.

Salary Surveys & Salary Benchmarking


We have taken on the challenge to remain innovative and have immersed ourselves in research and the latest remuneration trends.

Remuneration Articles and Research

Develop & design

We are continually evolving, developing and updating our remuneration systems and products to address current reward issues.

Remuneration Systems

Train & educate

We are excited to share our knowledge with staff,  clients and the public – educating and training those who are active in the remuneration field.

Remuneration Training

Our directors

Dr. Mark Bussin, Chairman
Chris Blair, CEO
Morag Phillips, Executive Director
Ntombizone Feni, Executive Director
Mbulelo Mayikana, Executive Director
Craig Raath, Executive Director
Ian McGorian, Executive Director
Adv. Nasreen Dawood, Executive Director
Bryden Morton, Executive Director
Dumi Khanyile, Non-Executive Director

Industry Body Affiliations

21st Century is proud to be affiliated with – and/or accredited by – the following industry bodies: