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JEasy Paterson Points

A sophisticated web-based Job Evaluation points system that is robust, flexible, completely secure and uncomplicated to use. JEasy Paterson Points delivers valid and consistent results without the complexities of traditional Job Evaluation processes and methodologies.

Using Paterson Job Evaluation factors, points are awarded for levels of skill, effort and responsibility.

Using this points system will enable you to defend the fairness of any diffentiations in grades, ensuring that you comply 100% with the new Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value legislation.

Yes, our standard system is designed for single-user access.
  • Access the system worldwide at any time
  • Utilise the fully integrated Job Profiler function
  • Align the factors to your business requirements
  • Personalise the grading structure by adding, editing or deleting bands and sub-grades
  • Personalise statements to reflect your particular terminology and environment
  • Benchmark your job grade result against grades in the market via the link to our RewardOnline website.
  • Keep track of market benchmarks easily with continual and automatic updates
  • Use the Job Evaluation results to validate and highlight inconsistencies between JE panel members and within the hierarchy of jobs (If required, 21st Century can validate the Job Evaluation).
  • Co-ordinate the evaluation process with ease. The automatic workflow process will guide you, step by step, from the initial input of data through to the finalised Job Evaluation report
  • Control payroll costs by drastically reducing time spent on manual job evaluations and panel meetings.
  • Interface with other web-based HRM systems
  • Export graphs to Excel, Word or pdf.
  • Save incomplete JE sessions.
  • Create reports easily
  • View status reports on JE sessions, with a full archive and tracking history
In order to use the system responsibly and effectively, it is essential to have a good working knowledge and understanding of the Paterson Job Evaluation system. For this reason, training is included in the price of the product.
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