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Organisational Design

It is critical that a business should know what its employees do on a daily basis – having a suitable organisational and reporting structure reflects directly on the effectiveness and success of the company. Efforts to improve performance of group service delivery should begin by looking at an organisation’s strategy and its operational processes.Modifying the design and structure of an organisation can help realise specific organisational goals. Performance-driven organisations are focusing on their core business in order to utilise their human resources to maximum effect.

Organisation design seeks to ensure that organisations configure the structure towards successful execution of strategy. We offer end to end organisational development advisory services which include the following hard and soft issues:

  • organisation design and structuring
  • feasibility studies
  • competency management
  • change management and transformation
  • culture and climate surveys
  • work study
  • business process reengineering/review

As the strategic management saying goes: ”structure follows strategy”. Our approach to organisation design ensures that organisation strategy is linked to the mandate and operating model and thus informs the design of the organisation.

We assist organisations connect the dots between soft (behaviour change) and hard organisational (design/structure/architecture) development processes.

Furthermore we assist organisations navigate the complex link between organisation development and rewards systems in ensuring employee engagement and productivity.

 We can assist you …

  • By linking the structure to strategy
  • By reviewing/auditing your existing organisation structure
  • With defining an appropriate structure for your organisation
  • With the implementation and communication of the new structure
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