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Remuneration and HR Audits & Employment Equity 2017-06-12T10:07:50+00:00

Remuneration and HR Audits & Employment Equity

An HR and Rem audit report can provide the client with an independent and focused deep understanding of the current practice, legislation, policies and practices in their organisation, which can then be utilised to ensure that they are functioning optimally to enhance their strategic business function.

In addition, and very importantly, the resultant information ensures that the client will be in a position to fully comply with the employment equity legislation, Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value.

 We can assist you …

  • By reviewing your current HR and Remuneration practices, including:
    • HR organisation/administration
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Policies and procedures
    • Performance Management
    • Job Evaluations
    • Contracts of employment
    • Industrial Relations
    • Training and development
    • Employment equity (internal and external)
    • Remuneration (including remuneration philosophy vs actual practice, and guaranteed and variable pay)
  • By interviewing staff (where appropriate) who are involved in areas of Remuneration (employees who determine or administer Remuneration, and/or line management)
  • By preparing and presenting a written audit report which is confidential and would only be presented to agreed employees.
  • By recommending best fit solutions for areas needing improvement, taking market best practice into account.
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