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Remuneration Consulting

Remuneration and HR –
what’s the connection?

Job profiling and job evaluation are at the root of all remuneration and HR processes.

Strategic goals can only be met when remuneration and HR processes and structures are sound, valid, well planned and well executed. It is imperative that all of these structures are developed from the basis of accurate, fair, defensible job profiles and job evaluations.

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Remuneration Consulting Services

21st Century consults in all areas of remuneration and reward, providing a holistic full-spectrum remuneration offering.

In addition, we have formed valuable strategic alliance partnerships so that we are able to provide you with the highest quality niche services in areas that are closely related to our core remuneration offering.

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Remuneration Committees


Remuneration Training

Remuneration Training

Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value

Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value

As of 1 August 2014 the Employment Equity Amendment Act 47 of 2014 (“the Act”) and the Regulations to the Employment Equity Act (“the Regulations”) have come into operation.

Employers now need to discriminate fairly when there is unequal remuneration and/or terms and conditions of employment for employees whose work is the same or similar.

Based on these requirements, it is essential to have an overview of equality within an organisation. The 21st Century equality report will give you this overview.

  • Fair recruitment, selection and appointment
  • A defensible system of job evaluation
  • Defensible pay scales and mid-point differentials
  • Periodic monitoring that there are no indefensible differences in remuneration and terms and conditions of employment between gender, race, disability, pregnancy or any other prohibited or arbitrary ground
  • Making adjustments towards achieving equity as required
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When there is unequal remuneration and/or terms and conditions of employment, the Act and Regulations considers fair discrimination (within the same employer) for the following:

  • Same work as another employee
  • If work is identical
  • If work is interchangeable
  • If work is substantially the same or sufficiently similar to be reasonably considered as similar
  • If work is of the same value of another employee in a different job

Alliance Partnerships

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Some things just work better together

Thanks to the strength of our partnerships, we are able to provide credible expertise in areas which lie outside our core business of remuneration consulting. This leaves us free us to focus on what we do best, whilst still providing a truly holistic service to our clients. Our partners provide us with capability in the following areas:

  • B-BBEE consulting
  • Benefit & risk consulting
  • Benefit administration
  • Executive education
  • Executive search
  • HR systems & talent systems
  • Immigration & migration consulting
  • Labour relations consulting
  • Online HR education
  • Payroll systems
  • Strategic management